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Hear It from Our Patients

Recent Reviews

Tammy Osterhout

 "I've been coming to Ozark Physical Therapy since January. I have had shoulder surgery, rotator cuff and bicep tendon reattachment. I can now raise my arm up and use it! Claire Doss is my therapist and I love her! Everyone there is friendly and helpful! I highly recommend Ozark Physical Therapy!" 

Frances Ross

"I have been going to Ozark Physical therapy for my back and hip for several weeks. I have gotten relief of my pain and I am feeling so much better! I have so much more range of motion. Dennis and his staff are exceptional at quality of care and treatment!" 

Dale Seitz

"I had a knee injury in November and was told by my surgeon that I needed to start physical therapy BEFORE I had surgery. I thought that seemed odd but did as I was told and the result was that it really paid off in the long run because it shortened my therapy by a whole month!! Dennis and the gang at OPT were wonderful and very professional. I highly recommend Ozark Physical Therapy!!"

Dr. Alice Martinson

"Some of you may remember I practiced orthopedics here in Berryville for many, many years! I am now retired and I had a knee problem and have had a total knee replacement. I've known Dennis that entire thirty years, so when I needed therapy I went to Ozark Physical Therapy. They've done a marvelous job with me! That doesn't mean it's've got to put the work in! But then, I always figured...I dished it out for fifty years so I better be able to take it!" 

Joann Griesenauer

"I am a patient at Ozark Physical Therapy. I had a work related arm injury in February and I specifically requested Dennis & Cathy at OPT. I knew that if anyone could help me return to work and function occupationally it would be through them. I have already had an improvement since going to them and contribute it to their expertise with therapy!"

Dora Isaacks

"I've been coming to Ozark Physical Therapy for treatment after a spinal fusion on my neck. Claire has worked with me for several weeks and I have improved greatly with my range of motion and I am improving more each day. This is not my first time being a patient of Ozark Physical Therapy because of other problems. But when a problem has happened I make sure to choose Ozark Physical Therapy as my provider and you should too!"

Bill Crain

"I went to Ozark Physical Therapy because of trouble with my sciatic nerve, shoulder movement issues and lower back problems. Dennis, Donna and Claire are very professional and had me doing exercises three times a week as well as doing them at home. They did me a world of good! They listened to everything I told them about where I was hurting and they had the answer and fixed the problem! I highly recommend Ozark Physical Therapy!" 

Janice Tanner

"I have been coming to Ozark Physical Therapy for six months for my neck & back. I was to the point I could not mop, sweep, or do household chores. After several months, I have seen a great improvement in being able to do those tasks and my pain has decreased greatly. I would highly recommend Ozark Physical Therapy! Dennis and his staff are outstanding!!"

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