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Ozark Physical Therapy

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"Hi my name is Alissa Smith and I've been going to Ozark Physical Therapy for a little over 2 months now.  I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. In the accident I broke my pelvis and had a few other injuries as well.  I love coming to visit Dennis and everyone else!  I love all the support and encouragement I receive every day I come to them for therapy.  The road to recovery was hard and I was expecting for it to be very long, but they worked with me and kept me strong.  Even though I am hard headed myself, and with the help of all the staff I am now cleared to play all sports!  This is an all around great place to be at and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!"

 "Hello, my name is Joann Griesenauer and I am a patient at Ozark Physical Therapy.  I had a work related arm injury in February and I specifically requested Dennis & Cathy at OPT.  I knew that if anyone could help me return to work and function occupationally it would be through them.  I have already had an improvement since going to them and contribute it to their expertise with therapy!"

"Hi, I'm Kelly Trahan and  I've been a patient at Ozark Physical Therapy for about 2 months.  This was my second time here and I wouldn't go any where else!  The staff goes above and beyond to help the patients and they are an incredible team!"

"Hi, I'm Lisa Henely and  I've been going to Ozark Physical Therapy for a couple of months.  I have bursitis in my hips. I have been to 3 different doctors and have done lots of exercises and injections with no ease of pain.  For the past 2 years my pain has been so bad to the point where I could not even walk, sit or stand without having pain.  Since I started physical therapy with OPT I have improved by 80% and am improving more each and every day.  I recommend OPT for anyone having any physical pain!"

 "My name is Martha Benson.  I've been coming to Ozark Physical Therapy for 1 month.  I'm new to the area so I asked several people who to use as a physical therapist after I broke my arm.  Everyone I asked recommended Dennis Fellers at OPT.  He has been so encouraging and has helped my arm get much stronger and more flexible.  My doctor was very pleased with my progress when I saw him last week.  The therapy is challenging for me, but the results are worth it.  I feel that the progress I am making is fantastic and I am so grateful!"

 "Hi my name is Bill Purdom and I've been going to Ozark Physical Therapy for knee replacement therapy.  I chose OPT because some of my friends recommended it as a good place to be.  I have received excellent therapy and service from Dennis and Cathy and I am improving everyday in my health and movement on my right knee!"

"I am Margaret Taylor and I have been going to physical therapy since the late 1980's.  I have had therapy on my wrist, chronic back problems and 2 total knee replacements.  I have always been pleased with the treatment and staff at OPT.  I am very pleased that we have Ozark Physical Therapy available to us for therapy service!"

 "I'm Jose Perez. After my elbow injury I went to Ozark Physical Therapy.  It was the right place for me!  Dennis Fellers and Cathy Glascock treated me well, addressed my concerns and questions and in 4 months every appointment was on time!  I recommend Ozark Physical Therapy!"

 "I'm David Carlisle. I've been going to Ozark Physical Therapy for a couple of months after back surgery.  I am grateful to Dennis, Kathy & Donna for their kindness, their physical support when I stumbled, their pushiness when needed, their humor, and their applause with each success.  If I have a chance to need this kind of support again I'll be back!" 

"Hello, my name is Tracy Acord and I have been receiving treatment at Ozark Physical Therapy since July for post surgery rotator cuff therapy.  I usually hate going to the doctors but with my experience at Ozark Physical Therapy, I look forward to my visits and have benefitted tremendously from their innovative and customized treatment plans!"  

"Hello, my name is James Kinney and on the 4th of February of this year, I fell and broke my hip.  My doctors sent me to Ozark Physical Therapy for therapy.  After 3 weeks of therapy I discarded my walker and I am now able to walk with my walking stick only!  Dennis & Kathy are excellent therapists.  If you need therapy go to Ozark Physical Therapy, I believe you will be satisfied.  They will take care of you problem!"  

"Hello, my name is Richard Morgan.  I recently had total knee replacement surgery.  I had my physical therapy at Ozark Physical Therapy and am having great results. Dennis and his team are very friendly and professional!"

"Hello, I'm Randy Williams. In June I received a knee replacement and I chose Ozark Physical Therapy and Dennis Fellers for my therapy. I have known Dennis for many years and knew I would receive good treatment and I was right. I recommend Dennis and OPT for all your physical therapy needs!"

"Hi, my name is Jack Atkison and I am a Korean War Veteran.  I came to Ozark Physical Therapy to help with my strength and endurance.  The staff at Ozark Physical Therapy cannot be beat and as for the quality of treatment Dennis is the man who keeps me going!" 

"Hi, I'm McKenna Phillips and I'm a patient at Ozark Physical Therapy. My heel bone was crushed in a car accident and when my surgeon recommended physical therapy, I chose Dennis because he has over 30 years of experience.  Dennis and his staff are very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping each patient on an individualized basis.  They've made a difference in my life and I cannot thank them enough!"

 "Hi, my name is Ted Richter and I became a patient of Ozark Physical Therapy for a torn rotator cuff from a fall.  My doctor in Bentonville recommended therapy for me instead of surgery to see if it could help my condition.  Well, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but thought it sounded better than surgery.  I chose Dennis Fellers at OPT because of his excellent track record and years of experience.  I must say my recovery has been better than I could have hoped for.  I also went back to my doctor and he said that my recovery might not have been this good if I had gotten surgery!  I am more than happy with OPT and their fine staff!

 "Hello, this is retired Lt. Colonel Charley B. Davis with over
4, 000 flying hours in the US Army.  I recently had a sciatic attack and went to Ozark Physical Therapy for treatment.  I had severe pain from my hip to my ankle.  The treatment I have received from Ozark Physical Therapy is great!  If you have any back or leg pain I highly recommend Ozark Physical Therapy for treatment!"

"Hi. My name is Linda Hutchison.  Dennis & Cathy at Ozark Physical Therapy have helped me with rehab from my hip replacement.  They genuinely care about helping their patients improve.  This company has the best therapists in Northwest Arkansas!"

 "My name is Ray and I had total knee replacement on November 29, 2016.  I've been going to Ozark Physical Therapy since the first part of December.  I believe Ozark Physical Therapy is "Top Noch" and I would recommend them to everyone!"

"My name is Mark Sterling from Eureka Springs. I'm a retired Air Force and disabled Veteran.  have had both knees replaced and chose Ozark Physical Therapy on the recommendation of my mother who used Dennis in her recovery.  Dennis has a wonderful staff that made the pain of rehab a pleasure."

 "Hello, my name is Megan & I highly recommend Ozark Physical Therapy.  I have been a patient for 7 weeks after having rotator cuff surgery,  I have found Dennis, Kathy & the staff to be very loving & passionate.  Their #1 goal is proper treatment in order for their patients to feel better and have a better quality of life.  I can't thank them enough for all of their help!"

 "Hi, my name is Deana and I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient.  When I started physical therapy I used a walker.  With the help of Dennis I now am able to walk with 1 cane.  I owe it all to Ozark Physical Therapy!"

"Hello, I am Sue Barnes and I highly recommend Ozark Physical Therapy if you are a stroke victim.  If it wasn't for Ozark Physical Therapy I wouldn't be where I am today.  Thanks Dennis, Cathy, and Donna!  You are the best!"

"Hi, I'm Jayden Kerby.  I've been going to Ozark Physical Therapy for 5 months since my knee surgery. Because of Dennis and his staff's support and encouragement I've progressed faster than I thought I would.  I enjoy the fun workouts and everyone's positive attitude at Ozark Physical Therapy."

 "Hi, my name is Donna Kay and I have been a patient at Ozark Physical Therapy the past few months and have received excellent treatment. I have found Dennis, Kathy and the staff to be very kind, caring and compassionate with their #1 goal being proper treatment in order for their patients to feel better and have a better quality of life. They have helped me tremendously with spinal steinosis and recovery from hip replacement. They teach an exercise program which they encourage continuing at home after being released. I would highly recommend Ozark Physical Therapy for all of your health needs!"

"Hello, my name is Kathie and I have received excellent treatment for 12 weeks at Ozark Physical Therapy.  Dennis, Julie, Kathy & Donna are compassionate caring people and their goal is proper healing.  My #1 choice for physical therapy is Ozark Physical Therapy in Berryville."

"I'm Peggy James and I have had vertigo for several years but had never found acceptable relief.  After being referred to Dennis Fellers, I no longer have long bouts of dizziness because Dennis not only treated me in his office, but also explained exercises that I can do at home to relieve my dizziness.  I enthusiastically recommend Dennis Fellers, my hero, physical therapist!"

"Hi, my name is Justin Chapin! I have been going to Ozark Physical Therapy for two months. Dennis & his staff have made my feet and legs feel so much better. They have shown me how to do stretches properly to keep my feet from hurting. I would recommend people to come to Ozark Physical Therapy and meet Dennis and his friendly staff!"

"My name is Nestor and I have been seeing Dennis to help with my arthritis.  I have limited neck motion and physical therapy has been able to regain some motion and provide me with a better quality of life.  I would recommend Ozark Physical Therapy to anyone who may suffer with arthritis and limited motion."

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"My name is Rex and I see Dennis at Ozark Physical Therapy for training with my prosthetic leg.  I am ninety plus years young and Dennis has helped me out with my balance and learning how to walk again.  I highly recommend Dennis to anyone who has physical therapy needs."

"My name is Mary Ellen Anderson and I have MS. When I first started going to OPT, I was using a cane.  After the second week of therapy I put the cane down.  Dennis helps with my balance and mobility.  I highly recommend OPT!  Dennis has giving me the ability to feel, do & live better!"

"My name is Jane Trimble and I have degenerative disc disease. A couple of years ago I was in severe pain and unable to perform daily tasks, but after receiving treatment at OPT, Dennis Fellers has been able to reduce my pain and give me the ability to feel better, do better and live better! If you are suffering with any physical pain I highly recommend you give Dennis a call so you can feel better, do better and live better!"

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